We are organized to provide a wide range of high quality cleaning products. All items are produced with our fabrics, and sewn and packaged entirely in Italy. Some of our most popular products are:

  • Cloths for cleaning floors in cotton, cotton and microfiber or 100% microfiber;
  • Mop with braids for cleaning floors;
  • Mops / plates with "velcro" sewn and individually packaged for floor cleaning;
  • Microfibre panels for cleaning all surfaces;
  • Cloths for cleaning glasses;
  • Replacement for Spraymop articles;
  • Disks for polishing cars;
  • Cloths for cleaning mechanical parts

All our products can be customized by choosing weight, color, embroidery, personalized label by ordering the minimum quantities of production that vary depending on the article and are defined together with our production department.