We produce a wide range of specific technical fabrics for domestic and industrial cleaning.
Our fabrics are produced in different weights and fibrous components. We use many types of yarns of the highest quality including microfibre, super microfibre, abrasive yarns, super absorbent yarns, regenerated cotton.

We are specialized in the production of:

  • Fabrics for floor cleaning with rigid back without the use of glues or resins;
  • Fabrics for floor cleaning with "velcro" effect back
  • Top range fabrics for professional floor cleaning
  • Soft fabrics for cleaning cotton and microfiber floors
  • Soft and super absorbent fabrics in ultra microfibre for the cleaning of all surfaces;
  • Abrasive fabrics;
  • Fabrics for glass cleaning;
  • And much more..!

All our fabrics can be customized by choosing weight, color and drawings / stripes by ordering the minimum quantities of production that vary depending on the article and are defined together with our production department.