Research and development

The company's intellectual engine is always in motion, so new ideas constantly take shape that make existing products even more efficient, comfortable, safe and ecological, and that also open up completely new horizons. Our main objective is to improve the quality of life, through research aimed at fully satisfying the needs of the client who is subjecting us to a problem to be solved, an improvement to be implemented or an innovative material to be created. For most of the articles we do not have standardized productions, but the product is created according to the customer's needs, thus bringing a lot of attention to the client and his needs. It should be noted that Schlingentex was the first company to produce the famous MAGIC CLOTH in Italy.


Because the company works with world leaders, even the company's patents are registered in several countries. The patent applications presented demonstrate the creativity of Schlingentex and the role of promoter of textile innovation. Patents are an essential tool to protect the result of years of costly research against attempts at imitation. They allow Schlingentex not only to guarantee its technological leadership, but also to share it with others acting as licensees.