We are one of the first companies in Italy in the production of snag free terry fabrics.

The well-organized structure allows us to quickly supply large quantities of fabrics and finished products to small, medium, large and multinational companies, with a production cycle able to keep up with the demand for large-scale retail products.
We study, design and manufacture our products for the Italian and foreign markets, offering the quality guarantee typical of the best Made in Italy.
We have designed and manufactured products for customers in various sectors such as:

  • leading companies in the cleaning sector;
  • industrial laundries;
  • wholesalers;
  • packaging of articles for children;
  • hotels;
  • beauty centers;
  • hairdressers;
  • promotional offices.

Schlingentex works efficiently, flexibly and competently to offer its customers a solid relationship of trust and quality, innovative and personalized products.