Why choose Schlingentex?


Because we are a FACTORY that has founded its name on TRUE QUALITY and its own growth on INNOVATION

Schlingentex is a true industry that studies, designs and manufactures its products. With many years of experience in the field, we have a technical know-how and a manufacturing capacity that allow us to build tailor-made products and solve any specific problem of our customers by planning and successfully achieving what they need.

Because we build trust relationships that last over time offering our customers customized solutions and a serious, reliable and timely service

Our greatest satisfaction over the years has been growing steadily while still remaining a company on a human scale. This is a fundamental value for us: the customer can come to us knowing that he will find competent people who will listen to him and who will always try to create tailor-made solutions for him, and a relationship of mutual trust in which the human side joins the professional one for a winning partnership.

Because we are a company with an international vocation with a solid ethical and moral code

We are an international company that works in the absolute respect of the laws and ethical and moral principles. We support a method of doing honest and fair business. Compliance with the law is an essential principle of our company: it is achieved through the adoption of technological procedures and systems that allow transparency and prompt detection of operations. Employees and third parties acting on our behalf must respect high levels of moral integrity and no one should be involved in corruption and favoritism. We are committed to ensuring safe, healthy and satisfying working conditions in which employees are treated fairly and with respect, supported in professional development and rewarded for their good performance. No form of discrimination is tolerated but, on the contrary, the diversity - of gender, age, culture, ethnicity, ability - is welcomed because it is understood as the possibility to make changes and improvements. Each employee is evaluated exclusively for his skills, his motivation, the participation and the sense of responsibility are encouraged.

Because we RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT and consider environmental protection as one of our fundamental values

Environmental protection has always been one of the fundamental values ​​for Schlingentex. The company, which is also immersed in the green territory of the upper Valle Seriana, is committed to safeguarding the territory by improving the environmental standards of the product, reducing energy consumption and waste production. Schlingentex minimizes the consumption of water and energy thanks to a system designed and developed to limit the dispersion of water vapor, essential for the correct operation of the frames. It also safeguards the environment thanks to a careful and scrupulous separate collection system. The company minimizes yarn waste by recycling processing waste, especially 100% recycled polyester and reused to create new yarn to be used for other processes. Energy savings are also reflected in our customers, particularly in industrial laundries and those using our cotton sponges. The internal polyester ligature reduces the drying costs of the latter by 20%.